Don’t Set A Bad Precedent!
Stop Developers from Increasing
CambridgeSide Building Heights by 82%

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Rush Hour Traffic

New England Development (NED) is petitioning the City of Cambridge to rezone the CambridgeSide Mall area to allow high-rise buildings that are 82% higher than current zoning regulations. Retail space will be scaled back, some housing will be added (market & affordable) ‐ but the vast majority of total square footage will be devoted to lucrative office and lab space which rent for roughly over 400% higher than the current retail space.

NED’s key argument for rezoning the CambridgeSide area is to “save the Mall” due to the impact ecommerce has had on brick & mortar retailers.W

Why is it necessary to increase building heights by 82% to save the Mall?

Why can’t the Mall be saved within the current zoning code?hinrrent zoning co?

Key additional costs to residents include: increased traffic jams (the nearby courthouse may turn into a 20 story office building and right down the street, Cambridge Crossing is adding 4.5M square feet of offices and residences), loud noise from labs, heightened potential for the infrastructure to fail (e.g., Eversource reports that electricity demand reached 98% of all-time peak in East Cambridge last summer) and importantly, adding hi-rise office buildings will significantly alter the harmony of both the Mall and its historical neighborhood.

The Mall lies on a park with a sparkling canal, low-lying buildings, terra cotta brick and greenery, and birds and mammals – a place where Cambridge families can picnic and enjoy the open sky. The city should not let it be towered by high rises. This little spot of earth is a jewel . . . not just another commercial site.

Even if you don’t live in this immediate area, the final decision on the Mall redevelopment zoning will set a precedent that will likely affect you and your neighborhood in the future.

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To the Cambridge City Council: I oppose New England Development’s request to increase building heights in the CambridgeSide mall area above the current zoning regulation of 85 feet.

(To ensure a clear voice of residents to City Council, we ask that only Cambridge residents sign this petition)

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